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Llaneilian is situated less than half an hours drive from Brittania Bridge over the Menai Strait onto the island. We are very close to excellent beaches, and Llaneilian Cove is a closely guarded secret, not known to many visitors to the island

Coastal Path Walk

Bod Hyfryd is five minutes walk from the coastal path and some truly breath-taking views from the headland. Porpoise and Dolphin sightings are commonplace around these parts, so keep your camera handy! There is also a wealth of wildlife in the area, including rabbits, hares, hedgehogs, red squirrels, and a huge variety of bird species

Short Walk

If all you want is a short walk to a quaint traditional local pub, the Adelphi Vaults in Amlwch Port is highly recommended, and only 15 minutes walk away

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